Colored Pencils UrBen Colored Pencil Set with 24 Pieces, Pre-sharpened Pencils for Coloring, Mixing, Great Art Tool for Kids, Students, Adults and Artists




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Recommended Age
3 months – 0.416666666667 years


  • 【24 Distinct Colors】: The whole colored pencil set covers 24 different and vibrant colored pencils. Offering a wide range of options.
  • 【Safe and Environment-friendly】: The product is non-toxic. It is ASTM/LHAMA/MSDS/TRA approved. The lead and barrel wood are made from materials that are pollution free and 100% safe for both kids and adults.
  • 【Fade-resistant and Smooth Leads】: Its leads are smooth. The colors it draws out will keep for long time which will not fade easily. Drawing with watery point will result in a watercolor effect.
  • 【Original Package& Pre-sharpened pencils】: The package of the colored pencil set is unique in the market. Those pencils included will come with pre-sharpener points that will make it easy and convenient to use.
  • 【Wide Application】: The product is perfect for color mixing, blending, drawing, scrawl, adult coloring and other art projects. It is designed for school students, artists, kindergarten kids.


1. 6.69 inch (approximate value) for every and each colored pencil.
2. The color of the wood barrel indicates the color of the lead.
3. You will depict the image and world you want follow your heart.
1. Children under 3 years old should use the product under the guidance and supervision of adults.
2. Please do not put the product in your mouths. In order to avoid accidents, please do not play with the product. No casting and throwing with product as well.
Package contains:
1*colored pencil set with 24 colored pencils in it.




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